Screen Name: PEaChChiK; i use peachieee more now.

    Why PeachChik: Cause years back when i picked the name i used peach scented i don't anymore i use cucumber melon but i don't want to change my name to cucumberchik =p i still love peach flavored stuff though.

    Ethnicity: 100%
    Filipino (and Proud) i don't look like it though=T yeah my whole family is from the there. Don't let the page fool you; i just love asian stuff all together.

    Birthday: July 19, 1980 gonna buy me something ^_^

    Location: Born and raised on the island of Oahu...i like it here on this little rock...i'll probably never leave it.


Music...if you look around this page you can see that. if people argue with me about music i get pissed off. i like what i like just cause i do. music is kind of my life, it changes my moods, makes me think, makes me happy's just what i love. so whether i be listening to korean, japanese,filipino, Rock, R&B, Rap it's just cause that's what i feel like listening to..... well basically everything but country ;p When you say music you say karaoke, yeah i love to sing...i want to get better like my sister...she's got the best voice!
that just adds to another like of mine:  I LOVE to dance i wrote here beforethat i rarely get to go clubbing but now that I'm of age it's become a weekly thing ;p oh yeah baby no one can stop us when we hit the scene.

Anime... i love watching Japanese animation!! I'm hoping to get an anime section up and running someday on this page...but let's fix things one at a time. Some of my favorites are Rurouni Kenshin...good sword fighting in this Kenshin is bad ass....Initial D..ohh yeah if you racer boys haven't scene this you are missing out....which reminds me of my love of cars....i love my car. When you've been deprived of having a car all your teenage life it feels good to have your own.

Poems... i'm not too good at talking about how i feel but i can express myself best on paper...even on this page it's a little bit easier to say what i want to say....i'm shy i guess ;p well to those i don't know to well. plus i'm super sensitive so i think about things to the heart. but i'm not gonna put up my poems cause those are wanna hear some you got to get close to me.

sorrie i'm not good at these profile things..i think imma stop now.

    The important things in life are all here


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