This is Jekki my other favorite group. Well actually it's Sechs Kies but it's pronouced as Jechs Kies (cause with and "S" it means some bad word in Korean) and Jekki for short. When Jekki came out they were said to be H.O.T's rivals and were often called wannabees but they have such a different style in look, song and dance so i find that to make no sense. Yet i hear that girls pick there friends according to which group they like; i don't know what it's like now though.

      While Jekki was performing "Moo Mo Han Sarang" they released their 3.5 album. This album was kind of the soundtrack to the "Seventeen" movie. From this cd Jekki has been performing "Couple" which has already made number one on several gayo charts...the dance is pretty lame for Jekki but what else could they do with the beat of that song. But this song is really nice.

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      Some individual pictures from "Moo Mo Han Sarang" and Jekki Baby Pictures are up!!!!

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      Eun Ji Won Lee Jae Jin Kim Jae Duc
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       Jang Su Won Ko Ji Yong