This is SPEED, my favorite girl jpop group, another success from OAS (Okinawa Actors School). From left to right is Takako, Hiroko, Eriko and Hitoe. Having achieved so much in such a short time and at such a young age, this super shojo group is definetely one of Japan's number one groups.

      Sadly it has been annouced that the group will break up in March of 2000. This comes as a big shock to SPEED fans but we have to try and bear with it. Until then we still have a few more singles to look forward too and of course their tour which is coming to an end.


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      April 26, 2003 ~ Some files were saved lost all group pictures, this is the only jpop group that will be up for awhile.

      November 2, 1999 ~Old pictures from the SPEED 99 calendar.
      Brand new maxi single being released tomorrow November 3rd.

      Click on a member to see their photo album. Click on the group picture above for group pictures.

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