Cars.....we all love them you can't live without them. I got my drivers license late cause my mom's pretty strict and wouldn't let me practice, so I envied anybody with a car when I was in high school. My first dream car was the Toyota Celica back in 1995. I wanted that car for the longest time! When i started to drive more in the family car Nissan Pathfinder, I knew this just isn't me so I started wanting to get my own. Instead of falling for "Just buy a civic" advice I wanted to find a car that I'd really love and feel comfortable in. I started to love cars even more after watching the anime Initial D a few years back so I learned more names matched them up on the road and be like hey that's a nice ass car! By the way I hate how Initial D is turning all AMERICANIZED...Fujiwara Takumi not TAK that's just gay.

Cars are here's a collection of some of my favorites.

*last updated: March 6nd, 2003 Thursday

Pictures from the 2003 Auto Show

Nissan 240SX (Sylvia S14/S15)

The 240sx has officially become my dream car...and luckily I have finally found one so peachieee is a happy camper!! woo's a great car to drive and is damn beautiful.

Mazda (FD3S) RX-7

Nissan Skyline

Nissan 180SX (or 240SX S13 in US)


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