Mazda FD3S (RX-7)

Efini Facts:

Engine: Rotary 2 Rotary (REI3BT)

Drivetrain: FR

Horsepower: 340 hp / 6600 rpm

Torque: 37.7 kgm / 5200 rpm

Dimensions: 4280mm x 1760mm x 1240mm

Weight: 1133.98 kg

This is my unicorn, I keep it up on a pedestal keeping it as my dream and unattainable car. I'm happy with my little 1:24 scale diecast model of the car sitting on my computer desk. But anyhoos...this car is just so damn beautiful to look at. I love finding one on the road and trying to follow it just so i can look at the back favorite feature of the car...don't know why it just looks super tight.

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*Last updated: March 2, 2003 Sunday