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(04.27.04) - pictures again.....

(04.05.20) - more and more pictures......such HAMS

(04.05.10) - and yet more and more pictures in family and friends album...that's all we do now.

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Okay peachieee is up in a brand new location so lots of things are starting from scratch...lots of things were lost from tripod. Since 2003 I've been spending lots of times with friends this is what this page is all about but hopefully this year I will bring back the music pages of jpop and kpop which was the original idea when I first started this in 1998 but for now this is going to be a very slow moving page.

~*Page Created on April 21, 1998*~

all pictures are scanned by yours truly, so please tell me if you're going to use any of them it would be my pleasure to but as long as you ask.

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